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Thank you to the lovely Martina of Inspirationally.net for giving me a new home after my host disappeared. Martina, you are my saviour! :) Written-Sins.org was also previously hosted by Misaki of Three-Words.net - thank you, Misaki, for the time I spent in your care! The collective was previously known as Platinum Vision and moved to Written-Sins.org in December 2013. The name is inspired by the Panic! At the Disco song I Write Sins, Not Tragedies which in return was inspired by Douglas Coupland's novel, Shampoo Planet.

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loves TV shows, space, fashion, travelling, musicals, Starbucks, meteor showers, rock music, concerts, webdesign, shopping, ice hockey, cheerleading, bunnies, good food, cocktails, airplanes, city trips, statement jewelry, high heels, physics, sleeping in, Victorian era style, gentlemen, perfumes, sales, lazy weekends, fairy tales, Paris, mulled wine, auroras, stargazing, Christmas, fantasy novels, Assassin's Creed, winning NaNoWriMo

hates getting up early, dishonesty, horror movies, impoliteness, spiders, insects, fake tan, shaved eyebrows, bees, the cold, massive tattoos, soap operas, telephone calls, voters who lack political knowledge, soccer, going underwater, going to bed early, spoilers

tfl You can find me here at the TFL boards. I currently staff Music Miscellany (full) and Musicians: Bands/Groups (full) and used to trouble check in Songs: Various.

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To celebrate its 4th birthday, the Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires) fanlisting got a new layout, codes and content. You can also now add your favourite character, so if you've joined before make sure to update your information!
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